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Tips and Tricks

Easy vehicle sump repair

Pratley has a wide range of versatile and cost-effective DIY adhesive products for a range of quick, on-the-spot automotive repairs. The products are ideal for areas where engineering workshops are sometimes unavailable, such as in rural towns or villages. Below is an easy step-by-step guide to repair a vehicle sump using Pratley products. ...readmore

Gap Filling


When you are repairing an item, it does sometimes happen that there is a large gap that needs filling. ...readmore

The ideal way to prepare a surface prior to adhesive bonding

 Roughen substrate using course sandpaper 

Before you begin, please read our tip entitled “A simple test to find out if your material/substrate is a good candidate for adhesive bonding.” 

Firstly you will roughen up the surfaces of the substrate you intent bonding/sticking with a course grade sand paper.